TGV, for the public, is the generic name for fast train. People think about the TGV to go to the big cities in France, but its competitor Thalys is famous. Others think that TGV is the express train for the south of France.

What are the meeting room objectives? The client’s ambition?
To create a definite brand; to order to fullfill trains at least for 50% from Brussels – with the risk of confusion of the client’s will of two logos, TGV and SNCB. Nobody really know that the TGV transports its travellers in ALL towns in France. Moreover, for accustomed to low-cost people, the price seems quite high. The car remains the mean way to go to France. We have to convince those who can consider the train like an alternative, even only from time to time. In particular those who stay only for two or three days, or only downtown.  The TGV would allow them “to live” their journey (readings, meetings).

Proposals for the briefing:

– Think TGV: to go quickly to France, take the TGV. “Not taking TGV is not credible.” Problem: lack of arguments.
– To travel as by TGV, take TGV. “The simplest way to go to France.” Pb: The media – imposed by the client – doest not allow to develop this “experiment of journey”. And most of all, is this the more powerfull argument to decide people to try TGV?
– France is smaller with TGV. “France is just beside.” Pb: Who wants a smaller France?

My proposition:

To promote  the asset of the TGV (pertaining to Thalys): it goes everywhere in France, while creating a thirst of discovery.
We sought several key-locations wellknowned enough and very french but not common. The AD went through the country with the photographer, (french, Vincent Fournier).
To avoid of falling down in some kind of  folkloric visuals and to definite TGV as a beautiful big brand, The option of the AD was to  magnify these places, while saying that «TGV goes there» with a bit humour. The result is a visual eye catching campaign, very human, exploitable in the media and in the time.



See the whole campaign.

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