Who am I ?


From copywriter to planner.

In 19 years of copywriting in advertising companies, I have seen hundreds of briefings. And thought about nearly as much creative strategies. Lack of time or of motivation upstream ? The fact is that there often are the creatives who write the proposition.

I have missed inspirating briefs. That should have ennoyed the financial director too,  who were counting the lost hours of the lost creatives, desesperately seeking what to say.

I missed that. And then I missed not doing that.

Understand the client’s expectations from the beginning is very useful to find out relevant and fresh insights. And interesting. It infers creative proposals that really already are – creative – and foremost that can be exploited by the creative teams. Because the creative brain remains a mystery for most of  accounts and theorist planners. Where they believe they feed the imagination by pouring omnidirectional informations, in fact, they just delay the appointment with the idea.

Beyond of that, I’m really interested in how to define a brand’s univers, its values, its challenges (communication platform). I’ve taken part to passionate ”brand activation cessions”. What interests me in every aspect of planning is to find meaning, to remain relevant.

From copy to planner, there is, therefore,  only one tread, that I feel all the more confident to make for who, better than a copywriter, is able to write an efficient arguing or a forceful and clear presentation pitch?


Discover here where I can contribute practically in the planning process.




Formation: visual communication St Luc Institute (Tournai, Belgium). Graphist and art director free lance. Since 1989: copywriter in advertising agencies. 89 to 92:  Eurocom Brussels. 92 to 94: Saatchi & Saatchi Bx. 94 to 96: VVL/BBDO. 96 to 98: Lowe Bx. 98 to 2001: CLM/BBDO Paris. 2001 to 2002: Saatchi Paris. 2003 to 2005: DDB Bx. 2005 to 2009: Duval Guillaume (Antwerp and Brussels).
Numerous CCB awards, TV silver Lion (1998) and several shortlits in Cannes.

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From copy to strategy

In 19 years of copywriting, I have seen hundreds of briefs and thought about nearly as much creative strategies. From copy to creative strategy, there is only one step.

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