Where do I go ?


Towards a creative and liberated strategic planning.

Where can I help ?

Everywhere a strategic thinking can help a brand, a briefing or a communication, always from different angles and researches, with ideas, sensitivity, interconnections.

”Brand activation.” To define the reason to be of the brand (identity/values/mission). To write a simple and clear proposal. To think about a consistent communication plan (360°). The brand should be understood, knowned and sought by consumers.

”Creative briefs.” To analyse (problem or opportunity, context, ad). To raise the meeting point between all the interests involved: what wants to tell the brand, what are consumers ready to believe, how to say it. To coin relevant and new insights with good sense and hunch. To write a single mind proposition witch whets creatives’s appetite.

”Fresh insights.” To open a blocked brief. To find a proposition enough interesting to make the target not only listen to but also feel involved. To feed and reorient creative teams (in order to keep meaningful).

”Pitches and presentations.” Grazing infos, markets analysis, audience and behaviours, moodboards, brainstormings, etc. To customize and arouse a presentation. To write motivation letters, argumentations. To create the document to let to the prospect.

Some examples ?


Dexia corporate


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From copy to strategy

In 19 years of copywriting, I have seen hundreds of briefs and thought about nearly as much creative strategies. From copy to creative strategy, there is only one step.

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