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Introduction. Dexia, the world leader of the public financing, is not known by the public in Europe, except in Belgium where it always also were a bank for privates (ex Communal Crédit). Dexia takes place into education development, health for everybody, social accomodation and its restoration HQE (environmental high-quality), insertion of young people (School of the Citizenship). Its objective: to target the general public. To develop agencies towards the private individuals in Europe and firstly in France.

Dexia does not only have that things to sell, it has also things to say. Client’s briefing: to make known the brand Dexia (name and what it does) towards the public. To capitalize on its expertise as the bank of the communes since more than 60 years in order to crédibilise its launching towards the private individuals.

Where it becomes complicated. Axel Miller, President of the Steering committee, has a philosophy he strongly believes in: “short term has no future”. Its vision of what should be a great bank today – emotional bond/development of consumer loyalty customers, durable and responsible financing.
But our client does not manage to define his brand:
Dexia, the bank of durable development? Old fashion.
Dexia, the bank of the local development ? Administrative.
Dexia, another model of bank? Vagueness.
Dexia, the world leader of the local financing? Distant.
Lastly, the target is wide: almost everyone, private individuals, SME, communes…

My proposal: To think of the community, it is to think of each one.
But difficult to find a relationship with “Shorts term has No future”, and this statement does not explain what is and does Dexia.
A stage is jumped. Still an analogy? For once, a bank has a true relevant speech, a differentiating history and a stance, let us benefit from this force. Instead of limiting itself to a reducing message seen and reviewed, we chose another way.

The idea: simple logic. What Dexia bank does for the communes (swimming pools, schools, cycle tracks…), Dexia does it for the inhabitants of this these communes. Therefore, its knows well the needs for these inhabitants and it knows well these inhabitants themselves, from the baby to the elderly. Here comes naturally the concept of time. Dexia bank is well placed to know, therefore to meet the needs of people, throughout their life. Declined in TV/web and presses, creation takes the simplicity of a childhood play.

The film shows the function/mission of Dexia. Useless to sign it by a baseline which would define Dexia. One can allow oneself to be further introducing his vision, the famous “Short term has no future”. The loop is buckled, in a simple, credible and ludic way. The freshness of the production adds personality, optimism, human heat and lightness which often lacks in banking advertising.

Justification. Dexia has a clear stance definited by the charismatic Axel Miller. from its history, bank of the public finacing, Dexia knows better than another the needs of people. The message is simple, human. The campaign is more than a form, it contends a relevant proposal that goes beyond a product offer.

Conclusion. When one has something to say, one should go ahead.

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