“Life is too short to be mediocre”, John Hunt.




John Hunt, Worldwide Creative Officer de TBWA, donne des idées sur comment avoir des idées, et surtout comment leur laisser une chance de s’épanouir. La peur du ridicule, les habitudes mentales ou la logique en sont par exemple de redoutables ennemis. Ce n’est pas Alex Bogusky qui le contredira, lui qui martèle sur son blog : « Fear is the mortal enemy of creativity. »

John Hunt: « Most of the world’s greatest ideas were first very fragile thoughts. Very few concepts are born perfectly formed and ready to go. If you allow ideas to germinate a little, ou also stand a good chance of them developing their own kinetic energy. The real value of an idea is to see how far you can push it. »

On reconnaît une idée à ce qu’elle rend toujours un peu nerveux, preuve qu’elle contient un germe de changement. « If you want something new to emerge, you want people in the room who don’t think like you ».

« A predator politician has no interest in the quality of the idea, other than how it will enhance his personal agenda. » Enter the politician, exit the idea. »

« In the land of ideas, a comfort zone is not an environmental friendly place to be. We don’t know what we don’t know until we do what we don’t usually do ».


John Hunt


« The high mortality rate of ideas often has less to do with their quality and more to do with ther mode of transport. If fresh thinking is to stay fresh, it has to be quickly accepted, rejected, or positively modified. If, however, ownership can be conferred on everyone, the miraculous begins to happen. The idea turns into a movement. Ideas don’t ravel well through a bureaucracy. »

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