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IP, one of the most important media devices in Belgium, manages the broadest scope of media (TV, radio, event, marketing, network. Its mission: to commercialize the media space it represents, in collaboration with the advertisers and their ad agencies.

The client’s brief.
To order to developp a new corporate campaign beyond the «Indiens» campaign («the media spirit»), which could only be signed by IP, informative et déclinable on the long term. To communicate towards all its numerous targets – medias, agencies, advertisers – not to one in particular.

We want to be brilliant but we want to be loved.
More known for the brands it represents than for itself, professional expert and inventive (studies), IP is more respected than liked. How to turn to emotional a head of class? How to make sexy a media device? How to explain something complicated to so much targets, expecting so much different things without falling down into symbols or analogies ?

Where a defect becomes a quality.
The fact is that to choose a media device is hard. Agencies, medias, advertisers seek a knight to defend their brands the better, who makes sell, assures a consequent amount, but also has a vision on future. Nothing but this. In that perspective, they can hardly reproach the IP experts of being too cartesian, overdemanding, haunted by their job. However, in sweetheart, they maybe feel a bit sorry for their wives, children or friends. They are so careful that they appear as ennoying. Imagining them in evredy daylife situations make them amusing, human, likeable.
Therefore, the idea of the campaign is to push that fixed idea up to derision. It allows us at the same time to déliver a real information, while adding an emotional dimension, to humanize expertise by fine humour – well created by the illustrator, Voutch. Illustration avoids too heavy visuals and allows strong branding. In other words, to make IP be loved.

See the campaign here.

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