To follow one’s dreams, it’s fall for sure.


 Coaches explain how to send positive signals to the brain, to relax to switch from the bêta level (panic) to the alpha level (thinking), to aim a precise objective to succeed, but I’d rather be killjoy. I’m talking about it with full knowledge of the facts.

Following one’s dreams cause failure followed by failure. Doors that slam, windows closed, no through road, some poor-dear-it’s-crisis, and some go-back-to-your-country (I swear!). In the fog where I move forward feeling my way, even to define clearly the final objectif becomes an exploit. Difficult to, concurently, not to wait anything from the others and humbly depending of the market, the network, the system.

The only thing is, you have to know that. When 99% of people (and inside of me too) claim that it is not possible, listening the 1% which says why not? allow at least to go further. Kevin Roberts : « You will learn that the reward of living life in a world where everything remains forever possible is a reward far greater than any material prize could ever be ».

Everything remain possible, here is the secret, so.

It also helps to remember who we are, and that we are not just like anybody else. Regardless the obstacles, there is some king of jubilation to refuse mediocrity ans stand-by situations. And we meet lucky stars.

Desapointments are not dehind me yet, but I bring near the final fall. The one from I’ll get up with blood but relieved and ready for the next travel.


Dominique A. Le courage des oiseaux. (Poets ar brave.)

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