The question of the day is where is the creative energy gone?


How to recover a passionate enthousiasm whereas advertising création is in crisis ?

Disillusioned, without ideals or visionaries, juniors fight more with policy and seniors with their frustrations rather than everybody fight for ideas.
In the agencies, focus is on awards, in the less worst of the cases. Création, either pork chops, either window shops, becomes formated.

Création is lacking ambition, courage, rockn’roll.

To stay alive and remotive themselves at all costs, AD and copywriters withdraw into the pure conception, towards to rise the space between the reality of the economic market and the ad creation. They risk their credibility, what’s the meaning of doing advertising for advertising people ?
Nevertheless, they have extraordinarely adapted themselves to the new constraints, the emerging medias, the reduction of means, and still own the internal fire that we should immediately stop to put out.

Maybe the time has come to trust them.
Whaterever people say, supported by complex figures, consumer these days is elusive. One daysensitive to the environment, another day to a scandalous luxury; he zaps or glorifies a brand in accordance to his mood without logical explanation but his.

Planners and consumers research companies would have a pretty role to play here. To interpret studies with good sense, as signs rather than certainties as for the anticipation of the people’s behaviours.
Bankers have just reminded us that, they who have built their fortune on a big lie : nobody can see the future  – cf J.K. Galbraith, Les mensonges de l’économie.

Well, those who work with their intuition, who feel rather than analyze, can capture the elusive, what is going to happen before no one has put words on it. Creatives feel how speak to this moving target, they often are part of it.

They have understood before the advertisers that « digitale natives » decode the marketing tricks as well as they do, internet allowing them to have an effect on the world. Ant that imposes more than ever a way of speaking which sounds right, relevant, with a real content.

Mutual confidence can wake up the creative strength. It lends wings and raises debates. Up to the creatives also, like the consumers, to refuse briefs that promise nothing else than consumption empty of sense and destructive. It is time to put back ideas at the place they deserve.

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