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Last year, we told you that we were working on a totally new concept of teddy bears.
Fear Hunters is born in the mind of a father whose children had imagined heroes to fight against their fears. The product consists of 3 components: a fear hunter, a spray with essential oils (pshh on the bear to enhance the psychological protection effect) and a comic book that tells a story related to one fear in particularly. Seven hunters, one by fear: black, illness, monsters, etc..

How to explain this concept and packaging for consumers?

We considered the packaging as an extension of the elements themselves, and recommended quality, natural and aesthetic. The box needs also very clear explanation. Projects here.

Stand or packaging study has allowed us to get closer to design experts. We’ve been particularly happy to met Bundl. Nicolas Cap, the manager, shows a great creativity in technical.  Unfortunately, we haven’t worked with him for this time.

Fear Hunters is still in the production process. To give you an idea of how interesting and fun were that job (thanks a lot to our clients!) Hope you’ll see the result soon in shops.

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