If you’re not able of respect, at least be polite. *


Contempt is has-been.

Listening to Jon Steel, respect increases the chance of winning a pitch : « People don’t care how much you know unless they know how much you care ». A prospect feels if the attention brought to him is sincere, if the agency’s profile fites with his enterprise or if it’s only a facade speech.

Contempt breaks creative energy and motivation at work, getting the least dare or enthousiasm stuck in a negative sticky spiral, letting its prisonners haggard, disillusioned. The longer this treatment lasts, the more difficult the rehab in the fighters world is, even improbable. Contempst is the mortal enemy of creativity, innovative and partnership. Contempt is contemptible.

On the contrary, respect contents an incredible source of good energy, desire, inspiration, and fun which one would be stupid to deprive.

“Why do people want you to shake hands with you when you pass them in your enterprise’s stairs ? asks the french philosopher André Comte-Sponville. Because they’d like you to respect them. The true truth is that they’d want you to love them. (…) nobody can love every people passed by in the stairs but has morally to respect eveybody. As love is missing, we need morality. And as morality is nearly always missing, we need politeness. » (* Extract from his book Petit traité des grandes vertus.)




Finally, new technologies make respect unavoidable. Big ideas  don’t born from mails interactions but from real exchange and convesartion face to face between creatives. Profusion of news media and experts that go with them impose on a closer team work  (and a little bit of humility) to make émerging a unique and relevant concept. rather than an artistique collage of ideas not so impressive at the end. The barnds have already very well understood that it is simply vital for them to speak as an equal to their consumers, who see internet as an ally. Participation is obliged, and brands have to appears more ethic and human.

In 2011, let’s make respect be respected.

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